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Houston Personal Trainer

Who is Brice Remaley?

You may be wondering who exactly is Brice Remaley. Brice is a local Houston personal trainer with over a decade of experience to back up his practice. Being certified in many different areas of fitness, such as Kettlebells, CrossFit, powerlifting and TRX Suspension Training to name a few.

Although he has over a decade of experience, Brice still attends workshops taught by some of the top authorities in strength and conditioning; Dan John, Max Shank, and Brent Brookbush. Striving to always learn more explains why he has such an in-depth knowledge about improving one’s strength, conditioning, and overall fitness.

"All you need to succeed with this program is the willingness to give it your all and a great attitude. These go much farther than strength or cockiness will ever go."
Houston Personal Trainer

What Makes Training with Brice Different?



When we start training together I’ll take measurements of your max lifts; bench press, squat, deadlift, fastest 200m and 1600m spring (or rowing if you’re not a runner), fastest time doing a certain number of pushups, max time in a plank, and a few others. You’ll be sure to know that you’re making progress from measuring these from the start.



We do workout cycles with each one focusing on a different area. We start with 3-4 weeks focusing on core stability. Then 4-5 weeks focusing on endurance and another 4-5 weeks on max strength. At the end of each of these cycles we retest all of your metrics to make sure your body is responding to the training.



Everything I have my clients do has a reason for it, that I can explain to them. I spend a ton of time programming and planning out each of the training cycles. I’ll make changes to programs if someone has certain goals or limitations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you train?

The gym is: The Core 4665 SouthWest Freeway, Suite 210, Houston TX 77027

How often should I work out with a trainer?

Most clients come in for at least three sessions each week. Three sessions lasting between 45 minutes to an hour allow sufficient time to increase flexibility and mobility, get stronger and improve cardiovascular conditioning.

What's the difference between your system and other trainers?

Functional exercises teach the body how to safely move and allow the muscles to develop in a balanced fashion. Kettlebell swings are the perfect example of an exercise that uses the whole body. Isolation exercises promote muscle imbalances that can eventually lead to injuries. My training style uses functional exercise and programs designed to deliver safe and effective results without dangerous muscle imbalances.
Flexibility and mobility are addressed at the beginning of every session as well as paired with exercises during the workout.

Who are your typical clients?

Typically, my clients already work out or they've taken a break and have lost some degree of fitness. Either way, they want to become more efficient with their time in the gym. They like not knowing what's in store for them once they get to the gym, and look forward to a new and challenging routine every time.

Who wouldn't like Brice's training style?

Brice makes sure that his clients stay busy and don't have time for needless chic chat.

How much do you charge?

My pricing is as follows :

1 session/week $80
2 sessions/week $150
3 Sessions/week $175
4 sessions/week $225

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