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What are the benefits?

Body Weight Training in Houston

Body Weight Training in Houston

Body weight training should be a huge staple in any well-rounded routine. Some of its biggest advantages are safety and total body recruitment. When you do a pushup correctly, your entire body is tense which means that your core, quads shoulders and obviously triceps are tense. Think about a plank, which is really just the top position in a push-up. Your glutes should be completely contracted, your legs tight and tense and your upper and lower body both pulling toward the center of your body.

Many people discount body weight exercises because of their simplicity. Those people may be unable to do or not know the proper progressions to advance with this style of training. Ever try a single arm push-up, pistol (single leg) squat or a single arm pull-up? Check out Al Kavadlo (RKC Trainer) The only real disadvantage to this form of training would be fat loss and increasing size. I don’t see the inability to increase size as a disadvantage but rather an advantage — the ability to stay lean and not add weight while getting stronger is awesome and the goal of most women. There are men who was to get jacked and ‘bulk up” and for them, iron will be superior. Weight loss is a different story. Lifting heavy weights does a lot to increase fat burning after the workout. Some sessions, if done with enough intensity, can burn fat into the next day.

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