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High Interval Training and CrossFit in Houston

High Interval Training and CrossFit in Houston

CrossFit has taken the fitness community by storm within the past decade. Many hate it or criticize it for a variety of reasons. Do people get injured? Yes, they unfortunately do but the science behind CrossFit has done a ton to improve our understanding of what drives results. People still run countless miles at slow speeds, sign up and train for marathons even though they don’t like running, or occupy countless pieces of cardio equipment at the local gyms.

In case you haven’t read a book on fitness that’s been written in the past 10 years, this is not a very effective way to burn fat or get faster. Intervals, periods of intense work followed by a period of recovery does much more in shorter periods of time. One criticism I have of CrossFit is improper selection of conditioning exercises. Just because a movements drives your heart rate up does not mean that you and your Mom and all her friends should be performing as many repetitions as possible of them in times increments. Box jumps are a perfect example. I use them as a power exercise done in the beginning of a workout, not as a conditioning exercises to drive up the heart rate. Just my opinion.

Drawbacks? Coaches that are sometimes inexperienced and improper supervision of beginners. CrossFit does a better job than most of stressing the importance of proper warm up but its explosive movements have torn rotator cuffs and continue to keep the your local orthopedic surgeons sharpening their scalpels.

Brice Remaley understands that finding any type of CrossFit or high-intensity interval training can be hard in Houston. That's why he makes it easy. If you're interested in learning more about what Brice can do for you.

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