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What are the benefits?

Kettlebell Training in Houston

Kettlebell Training in Houston

The following are from the RKC Training Manual. Dragon Door and the RKC Certification is one of the most sought after accomplishments for a strength and conditioning coach. Their mission is to help enhance the overall health of everyone by building more balanced bodies that are also stronger and mobile.


Ballistic kettlebell practice, in particular, generates enormous force and therefore presents an extreme challenge to the entire body - resulting in unusually fast strength gains even with a relatively light load.


The intensity of rapid kettle bell movement translates into a more powerful, more resilient heart— and the ability to sustain vigorous activity for greater periods. The kettle bell becomes the perfect resource for full contact athletes, runners and military personnel.

Weight Management/Fat Loss

Looking to optimize a metabolic package for ideal weight management? Combined with the correct diet, kettlebells can help provide you a reliable, highly effective way to burn fat while also building lean and dense muscle.


The kettle bell helps build flexibility, which is imperative for speed and resilience. Total Body Conditioning: Regular, vigorous kettlebell training builds both mental and physical toughness, boosts energy and allows you to handle high stress with relative ease.

Develops Superior Athleticism

Proper kettebell practice reinforces natural movement patterns allowing for greater safety and proficiency in any athletic endeavor.

The downside to training with kettlebells? Keep checking back here, I’ll be sure to post it if I ever find one.

Brice Remaley is an experienced personal trainer in Houston who has extensive work in kettlebell training. He has an RKC Certification and is your best choice when it comes to Houston kettlebell training

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