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September 21, 2016
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If you’re physically active and exercise on a regular basis, then there is no doubt you know what a burpee is. It’s probably that one exercise you used to think was so much fun until you finally got sick of it. Sure, this full body exercise is great for your coordination and strength, but sometimes you just need to change things up to keep it interesting and fun.

The Proper Burpee Technique
It is super important to use the proper burpee technique before we go into these, otherwise you burpees will not be effective! Think of a burpee as a transition between a squat, push-up then a jump. Make sure to keep your core (abs) tight throughout the whole exercise. Do a small squat with your back straight, then “kick” yourself into the push-up position while putting your hands on the ground. Once you do that, do a push up and then jump back to your feet. Finish up with a light jump with your hands reaching the sky. Got it? Great!

15 New Burpees You Must Give a Try

Going through these burpees, you will notice that some incorporate different types of push-ups as well as jumps. You may be thinking these will be crazy hard, but believe in yourself, these are pretty easy when you get used to it!

Push-up Variations

  1. Push-up Jack Burpee

Simply hop your legs apart while you go down into push-up position and keep your legs like this when you do the push-up.

  1. Pike Push-up Burpee

The pike push-up burpee requires you to pike your hips and your back towards the ceiling rather than doing a push-up. Tuck your chin, bring your shoulders to your ears and look between your feet!

  1. Power Push-up Burpee

Instead of going back to squatting position after the push-up, get up off the floor with a big jump back to your feet.

  1. Spiderman Burpee

When you do your push-up, bring one of your knees up to your elbow as you go down and bring the foot back into starting position coming up.

  1. Mountain-Climber Burpee

As you can probably guess, you just replace the push-up with a couple of mountain-climbers.

  1. Renegade Row Burpee

With this one, you’re going to keep your feet a little bit wider than usual when you do your initial push-up. Once you complete the push-up, lift one of your arms so your shoulder blade goes inwards towards your spine. Alternate your arms with each burpee.

  1. Side-Plank Burpee

Instead of doing a push-up, go into the side-plank position by lifting up one arm and rotating your hip and shoulder by raising your hand towards the ceiling. Alternate your sides with each plank.

  1. Single-leg Push-up Burpee

With the single-leg push-up, you’ll be alternating while leg you lift upwards while you do your push-up.

Jump Variations

  1. Rotational-Jump Burpee

With this burpee, you are going to do a 1/2 spin each time you jump to face the other direction. Alternate the direction you go with each burpee.

  1. Broad-Jump Burpee

Make sure you have a good amount of space to perform this burpee. When you jump, go forward as much as you can while still keeping yourself under control. You can always change directions if you run out of room.

  1. Tuck-Jump Burpee

As you can probably tell, when you do your jump, you are going to bring yourself into the tuck position at your highest point.

  1. Single-leg Jump Burpee

Perform the single-leg push-up burpee, but instead jump into the position with your leg up already rather than lifting your leg during the push-up.

Equipment Addition

  1. Weighted Burpee

The best way to achieve this burpee is with a weight vest. Try to get at least 10 pounds and 30 pounds at the most. Always make sure to perform the technique correctly, even if you go slower.

  1. Medicine-ball Burpee

With this burpee, you’re going to hold a medicine ball while you do it. When you jump you want to “toss” the ball without actually throwing it. You will also perform the push up with the ball on the ground rather than your hands.

  1. Box-jump Burpee

Simply place a sturdy box or stair stepper block and when you jump, you jump on top of the box.

There you go! Those are 15 re-vamped and new burpee exercises that you definitely need to try out!

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