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The struggle to stay fit or to get thinner compared to the ody that you already have is constant in perhaps every human beings life. We all want to lose more and more weight and turn into a better version of ourselves. Not only because of the perpetual longing to look good in a certain dress, or to look thinner on a particular upcoming event, but also owing a lot to the crazy high standards of beauty set by the media in particular, the idea of being perfectly satisfied with the body that you have has definitely become a myth. No matter how thin or how in shape you get, you’re always going to want more from your body.

This feeling and longing for your desired body is intensified once you see the results after you just start working out. The feeling you get when after working out for a few weeks and you fit into a really old dress that you just couldn’t get into is quite priceless. The accomplishment you feel fuels you to push yourself more and more and get as much as you can from your body. Mainly due to the fluctuations in body weight that everyone experiences, which is completely normal, the struggle to get rid of all the extra weight is never-ending.

There are a million different ways in which you can work out. This may include even things as simple as walking or it may involve the most intensive of weight training sessions. Although going to a gym has become the most popular method of working out globally, you can work out even at home or outside wherever you want and whenever you want. Centered on the idea of fitness, whole businesses have been created and industries have been established. Whether it is workout merchandise like shoes and clothing, or even various gyms and fitness institutes that have been established worldwide to help you on your journey to perfect health, the weight loss industry has overall made it extremely easy for anyone that wants to live healthier and look better.

Considering the way our lives have become busy and our routines strenuous, one of the best options to exercise is to do it outside in the open air. Exercising outside is something quite delightful. The fresh air cleanses our lungs and brings more oxygen into the body which also gives a boost to all body functions particularly the immune system. The fresh air that you breathe outside gives you plenty more energy and increases brain function as well. Exercising outside counts as a recreational activity as well. It takes your mind away from all the taxing exercises you’re doing and makes everything seem much more fun. All you need to do to workout outside is just put on a pair of shoes and go. Even running from one place to another does the job of a hard-core workout perfectly. When you’re in Houston, there are many amazing opportunities for working out outside. The city itself serves as the perfect workout spot and give you all the motivation you need. If you’re someone who would like to go somewhere specifically to workout outside, Here are some of the best places to workout outside in Houston, Texas;

Middle lake trail – Magnolia, TX

Home of the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker, this park has 1.46 miles of nature trails, two small fishing ponds, picnic areas and parking for horse trailers. With amazing scenery, this park is one of the best places for a close to nature jog or even yoga.

Burroughs park trails – Oklahoma, TX

This 320 acre park offers 8 miles of hiking trails, a stocked fish pond, picnic facilities and an impeccable playground for everyone.

Memorial Park – Houston, TX

This sublime park has various jogging trails, many miles of hike and bike trails, and a 1.15 mile picnic loop.

Mercer Arboretum – Spring, TX

This nationally recognized arboretum and botanical garden has been preserved since 1974. It is host to the region’s largest collection of native and cultivated plants making it the perfect place for the healthiest workout session.

The Woodlands hike and bike trails – The Woodlands, TX

This is perhaps the most unique planned community in the Houston area, and offers various opportunities for outdoor exercise. With 110 forest parks and 180 miles of hike, bike and running trails, this is a never-ending park with sublime beauty that is perfect for your outdoor workout session.

There is something out there for everyone and all sorts of places to exercise outside in Houston. Try them out for yourself and see what works best for you. However, you may want to stay inside and work with a personal trainer in Houston in which case go with Brice Remaley.

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