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There is a reason why everything that is done with a friend seems much easier, no matter how tasking it is. In all the boring classes at school, having your best friend nearby made the bell ring quicker. There has definitely been at least one instance in each of our lives when we have realized the importance of having a friend or a companion with us. Whether it’s the loss of someone close, the tears of heartbreak or even the joy of getting married, having a friend by your side makes all the pain much more bearable and makes even the smallest of joys much more substantial.

Working out and exercising is a huge part of all those people’s lives that are concerned and worried about staying fit and healthy. Whether it is something easier and less strenuous like walking or it is something as exhausting as intensive weight training, it has been proven by people’s experiences across the globe that working out with a friend or more colloquially, having a workout buddy, makes exercise seem easier and less straining. Working out requires a person to give their all. Not only does it need a massive amount of motivation but it also needs a certain tact and technique. Having a friend workout with you can serve as having your own monitor. Working out with a friend means that not only do you get to have fun working out, you also get to keep an eye on each other and see if you’re exercising as much as you should be and also if you’re doing it right. Despite the famous and obvious reasons why you should workout with a friend, buddy, or trainer, here are some reasons jotted down to simply show some reasons why working out with a buddy is the way to go;

  • The first and most fundamental reason why having a workout partner is better than working out alone is because it is much more motivating. Having a friend support you through whatever journey you’re on makes it much more bearable and achievable. But literally having a person work out with you gives you not only the support you need but also the push to go the extra mile. Working out in sync with your workout buddy helps you both work out much more rhythmically and in a fun way. Working out with a friend also allows you both to take turns exercising alternately and while one exercises the other can monitor. Depending on the kind of exercises you’re doing, having a workout buddy can gave you all the motivation you need.
  • Another reason why you should always workout with a friend has nothing to do with the technicalities or the specifics of exercises. It is much more basic and emotional. It is simply that having a workout buddy is much more fun. You can do all your serious workouts like cardio or weight training, without having to be serious. Talking through the workout is a major distraction that diverts your attention and makes you breeze through the routine. To make the most of your workout with your friend, just put on some music and you can dance away the hours.
  • Like a flip side to a coin, having a workout buddy is a lot of fun but it is also something very competitive. Doing partner exercises fuels you to do more and more and it is only natural that the adrenaline in your body courses through your veins to make you want to do better than your competitor.
  • Having a workout buddy allows you to be way more innovative and creative than you normally are. It lets you try out all the exercises and routines that you couldn’t do alone. It also becomes easier to try new things for example that Pilates class you’ve always thought about joining but were always too scared to do so alone seems much less intimidating when you’re with a friend.
  • Working out with a friend makes you really commit yourself to your workout plans. If you’re alone there’s a million reasons why you can convince yourself to not workout one day and that day can possible turn into you abandoning your workout plans altogether. Having a friend means that when you’re slacking there’s someone to keep you in check and giving you just the little push you need to be regular.
  • Although there’s altogether probably a hundred reasons why having a friend workout with you is much better, the last of the most basic reasons is that you not only get the satisfaction of getting healthier and more in shape yourself, you also have the contentment of helping your friend stay healthy and fit as well which is a big achievement in itself. So long story short, your ideal shape is probably just a little struggle away and all you need is a friend to help you get it.
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