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Do you intend to hire a personal trainer but you’re not sure if it’s worth the effort and the money? As a matter of fact, hiring a personal trainer is one of the most overwhelming decisions people make nowadays. On the other hand, having a personal trainer is important; it helps you transform your general well-being. First, a personal trainer helps you do the exercises correctly, and thus you get to keep your body in shape. Moreover, you can avoid various conditions associated with physical inactivity, such as heart diseases and obesity. However, having a good personal trainer is not enough; you need to learn various ways of getting the most out of your personal trainer, and that’s what this article is all about.


1. Find the Correct Match

As the first step, you need to shop around and meet potential trainers. You could ask your friends and family for recommendations or even search online for the best fitness trainers near you. When you meet potential coaches, consider asking them about their credentials. Certifications help ensure that your trainer is qualified for the job. Furthermore, consider ensuring that the certifications are up to date; expired certifications are of no use.

It is also important to inquire what sort of personal training they specialize in, to ensure that they’re in line with what you’re looking for. For instance, the trainer could be an aerobics expert, while you seek a weight-training expert. Therefore, ensure to get a coach who suits your needs.

Consider asking your prospective trainer the following questions to determine if he/she is right for you:

· What’s your experience in training people like me? (Be sure to specify your needs: increasing size, recovering from an injury, building strength, losing weight, etc.)

· What have you helped your clients achieve, and within what timeframe?

· Do you have references? Can I talk to some of them?

· What’s your style? (Some fitness trainers are collaborative, gentle and encouraging, and yet others are aggressive.)

If it’s possible, observe your prospective coach working with another client. This will help you assess if the kind of interaction they exercise is right for you.


2. Be on Time

Most trainers usually have tight schedules every day, with fixed appointments. Therefore, if you’re late for your session, you cut your workout time. For example, if you paid for two hours of training per day but show up 20 minutes late every day, then you end up getting 40 minutes of workout time each day. By showing up late, you will be getting less than what you paid for; therefore, make it a point to present yourself on time for every session.


3. Do Some Warm-up Exercises before your Session

Usually, personal trainers require you to warm up before getting into the main training session. Therefore, once your coach has taught you various stretching techniques and showed you some cardio exercises, feel free to do them beforehand. If you have properly warmed up before you session, it means you’ll be left with extra time that your trainer can use to focus on the main part of the session, where he/she will show you more important exercises. After all, you didn’t pay to have your trainer watch you warming up on an exercise bike.


4. Let Your Trainer Know If You Have Special Needs

Do you have an injured shoulder, back pain or any other issue? Ensure that your personal trainer is aware. You could send an email or call them up to let them know in advance. This way, they will be able to adjust your routine to make sure that it is ideal for you, without having to devise a new routine during your sessions.


5. Respect your Trainer’s Proficiency

The fact that you have hired him/her as your personal trainer means that he/she is a personal-training professional. In case you want to try certain exercises, let them know. If they don’t think the exercises are right for you, consider respecting their professional opinion. They already know your goals and needs, and remember, they have worked with many people, and therefore they know what works and what doesn’t. Keep in mind that having the wrong attitude and making unpleasant remarks may cause you to lose an amazing trainer.


Are you planning to get a personal trainer that will help you achieve everything you ever wanted in fitness? Consider going with Brice Remaley. Remember, your feedback is always appreciated.

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