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Why Should You Choose Brice Remaley as your Local Houston Personal Trainer?

You’ve been looking around to find the perfect personal trainer. You may be constantly asking why this guy? Well, Brice is not like any other trainer you’ll encounter. His methods involve bringing in the best of every excerise style. This gives you an overall great workout that hits everything; strength, flexibility, intensity, and functionality.

What’s in Brice’s Workouts

Unlike most personal trainers in Houston, Brice’s workouts use your whole body. He insures that there will be an upper body push and pull movement, and a lower body push and pull movement. This allows you to have a quicker workout while also keeping it intense by doing movements right after another. These workout also help you burn a lot of calories and burn fat, while also building strength.

His workouts are based around using functional fitness. Functional fitness helps you incorporate your whole body and to build strength in everyday activites. This is good if you have any type of knee or back pain. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be benfitial if you don’t have any type of pain. It also help to build a strong, lean, and powerful body.

Why Brice?

If his testimonials are not enough to persuade you to choose him over anyone else, then think about this. He has helped over a hundred different clients in the past fifteen years. Not only that, he has holds many different certifications. These certifications allow him to make such a proven workout program that does exactly everything you need; a shorter workout, build strength, stay lean, lose fat, and reduce pain. If none of this is enough then, maybe Brice isn’t the right personal trainer for you in Houston, or mabe you need some more information on Brice.

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