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Who is Brice Remaley?

You may be wondering who exactly is Brice Remaley. Brice is a local Houston personal trainer with over a decade of experience to back up his practice. Being certified in many different areas of fitness, such as Kettlebells, CrossFit, powerlifting and TRX Suspension Training to name a few.

Although he has over a decade of experience, Brice still attends workshops taught by some of the top authorities in strength and conditioning; Dan John, Max Shank, and Brent Brookbush. Striving to always learn more explains why he has such an in-depth knowledge about improving one’s strength, conditioning, and overall fitness.

"All you need to succeed with this program is the willingness to give it your all and a great attitude. These go much farther than strength or cockiness will ever go."
Houston Personal Trainer

What my clients have to say about me

My Training PhilosOphy

Why I choose full body training over bodybuilding For Beginners

In the 80’s and 90’s working out involved isolation and bodybuilding style movements. Bodybuilders of this era had one focus, training to look a certain way. 

CrossFit helped create a shift in that paradigm and modern science has shown us a better approach. Performance became more important than appearance. That is why I choose to train movements rather than muscle groups.

Learning full body movements such as presses, squats, and deadlifts, the body learns the safe and correct way to move. Rather than performing an exercise to change the way a person looks exercises were selected to help us perform better.

Ask a 70-year-old man if he would rather be able to curl a heavy dumbbell or get out of bed without back pain every day. Whether you’re a soccer mom, businessman, or a marathoner, performance should not come second to appearance.



Why I choose Split Routine Training for More Advanced Clients

Bodybuilders usually follow a split routine, meaning they have a day for legs, back and biceps, and chest and triceps.  I don’t train bodybuilders, but I do use similar workout plans for my intermediate and advanced clients. However I solve the weakness of bodybuilding by adding full body movements and plyometrics.

Something similar to this: 1) upper body + core + glute med + running / spinning intervals 2) squats + shoulders + triceps + abs + row erg / jump rope / other type HIIT CARDIO 3) deadlifts + biceps + low back + metcon (sleds / longer more challenging HIIT)

But that’s not always the case. I switch things around quite often — I don’t like clients to have an idea of what’s in store when they show up at the gym each day.

How my workouts cater to functional training

Let’s talk about movement. It doesn’t involve any kind of Nautilus style machine. Popular in the 80’s, these machines were built for gym owners. While they help increase strength, that is only strength in one plane of motion and doesn’t recruit any core muscles. Let’s think about an overhead press machine designed to build strong shoulders.

Training with this machine will help you lift a weight over your head, as long as that weight travels in an exact straight line. None of the body’s smaller stabilizer muscles are used and therefore they are not strengthened. If we replicated the same movement but used a dumbbell, your body stabilizer muscles will be used to make sure your arm goes up in a straight line, as well as all of your core to maintain proper posture.


Flexible Scheduling

Brice has a creative way of scheduling process which allows you to easily make up a missed session

Proven Results

Strength conditioning and flexibility, routines are based on science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you train?

The gym is: The Core 4665 SouthWest Freeway, Suite 210, Houston TX 77027

How often should I work out with a trainer?

Most clients come in for at least three sessions each week. Three sessions lasting between 45 minutes to an hour allow sufficient time to increase flexibility and mobility, get stronger and improve cardiovascular conditioning.

What's the difference between your system and other trainers?

Functional exercises teach the body how to safely move and allow the muscles to develop in a balanced fashion. Kettlebell swings are the perfect example of an exercise that uses the whole body. Isolation exercises promote muscle imbalances that can eventually lead to injuries. My training style uses functional exercise and programs designed to deliver safe and effective results without dangerous muscle imbalances.
Flexibility and mobility are addressed at the beginning of every session as well as paired with exercises during the workout.

Who are your typical clients?

Typically, my clients already work out or they've taken a break and have lost some degree of fitness. Either way, they want to become more efficient with their time in the gym. They like not knowing what's in store for them once they get to the gym, and look forward to a new and challenging routine every time.

Who wouldn't like Brice's training style?

Brice makes sure that his clients stay busy and don't have time for needless chic chat.

How much do you charge?

My pricing is as follows :

1 session/week $80
2 sessions/week $150
3 Sessions/week $175
4 sessions/week $225

Brice Remaley

Personal Training in Houston

Brice enjoys helping his clients achieve goals and getting in the best shape of their lives. Most new clients want to build muscle and lose fat.