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What my clients have to say about me


Ann D.

If you're looking to take your fitness to the next level, then Brice is the PT for you! He can be a pain in the ass (he'll give you a wake-up call!) but BOY! can he give you a kick ass workout!! Brice is focused on helping me achieve my goal for my 7th marathon and makes every session challenging (and fun). My fitness has increased noticeably and I’ve seen improvements in my running and staying injury free this year. Brice is a stickler for good techniques to avoid any injuries. He is extremely organized and punctual – always set up and ready to start training ahead of time, with an exercise routine planned. I would recommend Brice to anyone looking to improve their fitness level!

Seth M.

I have always made excuses for why I couldn't make it to the gym, the biggest being lack of time. After wrapping up grad school, I was only working so I had run out of excuses. I quickly fell into going out a lot during the week. After digging around on Google, I found tons of great reviews on Brice and I now see that every one of them understates all he does for his clients I have been training with Brice since July 2015. We meet about 4 times/wk at and VERY early in the morning.. Brice is always there before anyone gets there at 4 AM. Even that early, he's enthusiastic about working with you on a personal level. Each one of his sessions provides another stepping stone towards his client's fitness goals. He puts great emphasis on proper technique and stretching. Each session will push you to the brink of your physical abilities, helping you become stronger and faster physically & mentally. That mental confidence has been huge for me personally. While looking better naked is great, there is something priceless about being able to start your day with a confident mindset to tackle whatever work your day has to throw at you. Leavng the gym at 5:30 AM confident and ready to take on the day is a priceless luxury. His sessions help provide a more fulfilling element in developing a better "you" and I guarantee anyone of any fitness level would find something of great value in any of sessions. If you're looking to make a change, Brice is the dude!!

Veso K.

I started training with Brice about 2 years ago when I moved off Washington. He's very easy going and flexible with his schedule and I've had to work out at all different times with my school schedule changing every semester. His workouts are very challenging and definitely push my limits and as a result I've seen awesome results. He does a great mix between the traditional weight lifting moves (which I'm a big fan of) and the newer style cross fit or circuit training and he integrates both in every work out. Its a great way for me to get some fast pace cardio in my workouts as I usually don't have time to do much of that. I remember the first few weeks of training with him, I would be so tired at the end I could barely climb to the 3rd story of my house. I was getting to a point where I was doing the same things over and over again and not seeing much results and his training definitely pushed me to the next level.  I can safely say that today I'm much stronger and healthier than I ever have! Brice is an awesome trainer and he keeps you very motivated during your sessions. He's even been out to my office a few times to do boot camps and everyone loved the workouts.

Keith L.

I'm in my 5th year of training with Brice.  Very early on I realized that I was at a much higher level of training and success at same than I had ever experienced.  I realized more gains in physique and conditioning in a year with Brice than in 15 years working out on my own.  Aside from his effectiveness he's also an especially sunny and companionable guy to spend an hour with-as drill sergeants go.  Brice is demanding but never overbearing.  He will encourage you and he will insist that you succeed. Keith L.

Shinta R.

I am training for half ironman this fall and I've already had my swim/bike/run workouts figured out by a triathlon coach. What's missing is strength training. I've been looking for one since I had to part ways with my old trainer of 7 years due to job change. I found Brice through Yelp and after reading great review, I decided to give it a chance. The first session is free. Immediately I like the way he trains me. He pushes me, but at the same time, makes me do stretching. He designs a workout for me that target parts of my body that help me getting stronger as a triathlete. Since I've already had 9 workouts per week in swim/bike/run, my schedule is quite hectic. But he is flexible and works a time which is best for me. What I like most from Brice is he corrects my form, very patient, and showed me each time any routines that I'm not familiar with. I'm looking forward to train with him for years to come.

Jing L.

I have been working with Brice for about two months. So far everything goes very well. He is a super nice trainer. Always be positive and encourage his clients. He is flexible on schedule as well. He knows what he is doing and can personalize your training routine. I See great results now and will keep working with him.

Erickson A.

I have been working out with Brice for more than a year now and I gotta say this man is professional when it comes to working out. He pushes people to do best and better every day. I recommend this man to everyone. I have gained over Thirty pounds of muscle and I am so happy with my results.

Coleby W.

After spending the last 8 years focusing solely on my career, I found myself 30 lbs. overweight and was not happy with what I saw in the mirror.  I decided to make a change and found Brice after a brief google search.  His reviews were very positive so I decided to give him a try and I must say that he did not disappoint.  I have been with him for 5 weeks now and am already feeling so much better. First,  Brice works with your schedule.  Early mornings were best for me so I joined his 430 am small group.  He is always so positive and focused, even though it's early morning.  The gym is very clean, well equipped and has pretty much everything from machines to free weights.  Second,  Brice has a holistic approach that addresses diet, flexibility, core strength and proper technique.  Brice focuses on steady progress, building on small wins and safe growth that doesn't overtax your body.  Finally, his workouts are never boring.  We start every morning with dynamic stretches (Brice will not allow you to start your workout without stretching) and reviewing the previous days diet (He emphasizes keeping a food journal).  After that we jump right into the days workout which consists of everything from weight training to lots of kettlebell work mixed with high rep sets.  I end each session with cardio and am usually out of the gym in 70 minutes. He is very professional, has extensive knowledge and is enthusiastic.  Brice is truly an excellent trainer.

Carissa B.

Brice is a fantastic trainer!  He pushes me and makes sure I don't go too far.  I have the tendency to want to do more than I need and he keeps me in check while challenging mean new ways.  He always checks in with me after a workout to see how I'm feeling.  Not many trainers do that and I've had a lot of trainers!  I'm doing new things I've never done with any other trainer and seeing results in my body composition after a few months of working with him.  I'm excited and motivated to see where this can go.  Check him out.  You won't be sorry!

Megan M.

There is no shortage of great things to say about training with Brice! I ended up training with him for the first time due to a schedule mix up and he jumped right in and offered to give me something to do and the rest is history. It is clear that he truly cares for his clients and loves what he does. In the short time I have been training with him I have seen AMAZING results! The compliments on my physique and questions on how I got all the muscle definition keep rolling in on a daily basis. I have Brice to thank for that for sure! I have learned so much from him. Now I can go to the gym with confidence. His schedule is very flexible, it seems he is always willing to be there if you are willing to put the work in.

Nicole B.

I have been working out with Brice for almost 4 years. I have seen my body go through a physical transformation, and my mind go through a mental one! All positive!!! I am strong, fit, emotionally and mentally balanced. I believe working out is the key to having a balanced body and life, but Brice helps take that to another level. I am so happy with my body since I've been working out with Brice. People compliment me on my arms all the time, and I feel just better all around. Brice is also flexible and will work with your schedule. The gym he trains at is very nice and clean and not crowded. If we weren't moving out of the country I would be a Brice supporter for years to come. Good luck my friend!
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